The Pathless Path is hosted by Paul Millerd - a writer, creator, and consultant. He has conversations with freelancers, self-employed entrepreneurs, creators, and vagabonds who share their perspectives on their relationship with work, burnout, bootstrapping, indie hacking, remote work, reinvention, creativity, sabbaticals, leisure, self-employment, unconventional living, and digital nomadism. Past guests include Ali Abdaal, Khe Hy, Ben Hunt, Wade Foster, Dan Vassallo, Kris Abdelmessih, Steph Smith, Amir Salihefendić, Alex Pang, Visakan Veerasamy, and more.

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1 Year Dad Reflections - Conversation with Sky King & Nat Eliason

This is from Sky King's podcast: info:Nat: also has an amazing book coming out which I highly recommend...

#173 Solopreneurship After Burnout — Justin Welsh on burnout, taking ownership of his time, struggling with a results oriented mindset, non-monetary success, becoming a top LinkedIn influencer, income goals, The Creator MBA, dealing with fears around money

Justin is a former startup executive who helped build two startups past valuations of $1B, teams of 150+ people, and raise over $300M in venture capital. Now he’s buil...

#172 Success In The Second Half Of Life — Henry Oliver on John Stuart Mill, Samuel Johnson, Penelope Fitzgerald, why we shouldn't dismiss Gladwell, writing, late bloomers, the importance of finding the others, Tyler Cowen's help and the lessons from Audrey Sutherland

Henry is a writer, speaker and brand consultant. He joins the podcast to discuss his upcoming book — Second Act — in which he analysises the phenomenon of late bloomer...

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